Monday, June 27, 2016

ACT/SAT Prep Class-Success Story!

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In case you hadn't heard yet...we are thrilled to say that one of our students for the June 10 ACT improved from a 23 (68th percentile) to a 33 (>99th percentile)! He took one of our prep classes, and we have three more organized for the September test date. If your student needs great test prep and wants to get the college standardized test DONE in order to focus on grades next year, let us know!

Monday, June 20, 2016

192 Questions for Writing or Discussion This Summer

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Today we are sharing an article from the New York Times which encompasses 192 different questions students (13 years or older) can use them to practice writing persuasively or creatively this summer. So if you are looking for something extra to help your student at home this summer with their writing, try one of these questions!

In addition to at-home practice, we are also offering summer writing academic workshops.
The Essay is a small group workshop which is 20 hours total.

We are also having a Creative Writing small group workshop which is 12 hours total.

If you think that either of these writing workshops sounds like something you want your child to do, you can contact us or find more at:

Monday, June 13, 2016

How Teens Benefit From Reading About the Struggles of Scientists

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Today we are sharing an article from  entitled 'How Teens Benefit From Reading About the Struggles of Scientists.'  We often see teens come in who are struggling with science and are looking for not only guidance, but an underlying sense of motivation that they can succeed as well. This is not an uncommon idea for junior high and high school students today.

"What kind of people can become scientists?  When a group of researchers posed that question to ninth- and 10th-graders, almost every student gave empowering responses, such as “People who work hard” or “Anyone who seems interested in the field of science.”

But despite these generalized beliefs, many of these same students struggled to imagine themselves as scientists, citing concerns such as “I’m not good at science” and “Even if I work hard, I will not do well.”

It’s understandable that students might find imagining themselves as scientists a stretch — great achievements in science get far more attention than the failed experiments, so it’s easy to see a scientist’s work as stemming from an innate talent. Additionally, several science fields have a long way to go to be more inclusive of women and underrepresented minorities.  

But for high school students, learning more about some of the personal and intellectual struggles of scientists can help students feel more motivated to learn science. Researchers at Teachers College, Columbia University and the University of Washington designed an intervention to “confront students’ beliefs that scientific achievement reflects ability rather than effort by exposing students to stories of how accomplished scientists struggled and overcame challenges in their scientific endeavors.”

To continue reading this article and find out what helped these students better relate to science, click:

If your child is struggling with science, math or another subject and needs help, please contact us today! We have individual and group sessions to help get your child confidently learning and back on track. Visit our Linder Educational Coaching website here:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Did You Know? Offering Math Workshops this summer!

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Did you know that we are offering group math workshops this summer here at Linder Educational Coaching? We will have 4-7 slots available per session and each session will be nine hours total.

Our math prep courses will do two things: review the most relevant skills in the prior math class, and preview the material coming in the first quarter of the new math class. So many students struggle with math in the first quarter due to a summer off and trying to get settled into the school year, so these classes provide a great way for students to start strong and achieve their goals first quarter.

We will set the schedule upon interest so be sure to email Kristin today if interested at:

To learn more about Linder, visit: