Monday, February 29, 2016

The Alarming Dropout Rate for College Freshmen and What Linder Can Do to Help!

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Today we are sharing an article entitled 'Fixing A Broken Freshman Year: What An Overhaul Might Look Like' from This article brings light to the ever-growing number of college freshman who drop out before graduation. As mentioned in the article, "in 2015, only a little more than half of students who enrolled in college in 2009 made it to graduation, with the largest percentage dropping out after their freshman year, according to the National Student Clearinghouse."

Being a new student in college can be overwhelming and can also lead to a lot of questions and insecurities. Students need to be well prepared so that they can know what to expect. They also need to be given the skills to negotiate new challenges as they arise throughout their college duration. That is where Linder Educational Coaching comes into play! We focus on sending kids to college with the skills that they need to be successful and independent so that they will make it to graduation and be ready to tackle the world!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

IECs Overwhelmingly Recommend ACT for Class of 2017

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Today we are sharing an article from about the upcoming class of 2017. If you are a parent of a class of 2017 student, take a closer look at this article to find out why independent educational consultants are urging students to take the ACT.

IECs overwhelmingly recommend ACT for Class of 2017
Nancy Griesemer
DC College Admissions Examiner

"Upcoming changes to the SAT, scheduled to debut in March 2016, are affecting advice independent educational consultants (IECs) give their students about which college entrance exams to take—the “old” SAT, the “redesigned” SAT, or the ACT, according to a survey conducted last weekend of 273 IECs, mostly members of the Higher Educational Consultants Association (HECA) or the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

While specific recommendations vary on a case-by-case basis, IECs are in total agreement about one thing: nearly 100 percent (99.25%) of the IECs surveyed will be recommending that their students in the Class of 2017 register for and take the ACT next year."

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Meet the Coaches: Cali Johnson!

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Today we are continuing our 'Meet the Coaches' series with our final Educational Coach and the manager of The Hub, Cali Johnson!

"I grew up in a small town just south of Charlotte, N.C. After high school I attended Clemson University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Shortly after graduating from Clemson, I accepted a position managing Morningside Training Farm, a large three-day eventing facility, which brought me to the Northern Virginia area and eventually led me to Linder Educational Coaching.

During my time at Clemson I worked multiple jobs for barns in the area to pay for board, lessons, and competitions within the sport of eventing. Time management and organization became very important to maintain my work schedule, juggle my riding and competitions, and keep up with a demanding school schedule.

I am excited to be a part of the Linder Educational Coaching team and look forward to working with students at The Hub to develop strong workmanship and organizational skills that they will use both in school and later on in their chosen career paths."

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Meet the Coaches: Laura Thompson!

Today we are continuing our 'Meet the Coaches' series with Educational Coach Laura Thompson!

Laura Thompson was born in Central Florida. After graduating from high school, Laura moved to Tallahassee, Florida, to attend college at Florida State University. While at FSU, Laura discovered her love of fiction writing and had the honor of studying under many talented writers, including a Pulitzer Prize winner.

After graduating from FSU with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, with a concentration in creative writing and a double minor in philosophy and psychology, in 2004, Laura moved to the Northern Virginia area and began her Master of Fine Arts, (MFA) Creative Writing program at George Mason University. Although her MFA concentration was in Fiction, she also studied other forms of writing as well as classical and contemporary literature.

During her final year in the MFA program, Laura worked as a Teaching Assistant at the George Mason Writing Center. There she tutored both college and graduate level students in writing, helping students with term papers, theses and dissertations. It was while at the Writing Center that Laura honed her tutoring abilities, working with students of all ages, many of whom were ESL.

After graduating with her MFA, Laura went into the business world. However, her lifelong love of teaching remained and this drew Laura to seek an outlet. She found fulfillment through private, one-on-one tutoring. It is Laura’s desire to help her students accomplish academic goals and also instill in them a deep curiosity and love of learning. She has been privately tutoring since 2007 and with Linder Educational Coaching since 2009.

Presently, Laura works as a Senior Proposal Manager for an IT medical government contractor and as a tutor with Linder Educational Coaching. In her free time, Laura likes to cook, write short stories, play flag football, and go to concerts and sporting events.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Coach Biographies: Meet Michelle!

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Today we are continuing our 'Meet the Coaches' series with Michelle Grayson!

Michelle Grayson grew up in Akron, Ohio, attending the University of Akron through the city’s post-secondary option during her last two years of high school.  She earned her B.S. in Applied Computer Science from California University of Pennsylvania and continued her education at George Mason University, earning a M.S. in Software Engineering.

Helping students learn and succeed has always been a passion for Michelle. During high school Michelle tutored several students in various subjects. After working as a government contractor and in the private sector as a programmer and analyst, Michelle chose to return to tutoring and education. Initially working with preschool children and tutoring grade-level students, she is now employed by Fairfax County Public Schools working with students with severe autism. Michelle has returned to George Mason to earn a M.Ed. in Special Education for Students Using Adapted Curriculum.

Through her work in the information technology field Michelle refined her writing and organizational skills, as well as time management techniques. Through graduate classes and hands-on experience, Michelle has learned how to present materials creatively in multiple ways and to recognize and respond to each student’s individuality and way of learning.

During her free time Michelle enjoys reading, puzzles, games, and cooking.

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