Monday, July 31, 2017

A Few Spots Left! AP Prep Class!

Good morning,

We have a couple of spots left in our AP Prep class this summer, and one slot left in our Study Skills Crash Course. Let Kristin know ASAP if you would like your child to join! Email or call Kristin directly at (703) 270-9129.

To learn more about our classes and what we offer visit our informational guide here! or visit

As individuals, those at Linder Educational Coaching have a collection of very different backgrounds individually with school and learning.

As a group, we provide a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and ideas to every client. We love our job and the challenges and rewards it brings, and appreciate all our current and future clients for trusting us with their children.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Meet The Hub Manager Cali Johnson!

Good morning all!

Today we want to share a little bit more with you about The Hub, and it's manager Cali Johnson. In case you aren't aware, The Hub provides an after-school solution and a path to success for your student. Conveniently located next to Harrison Shopping Center, The Hub has a per-visit fee where students check in with a professional coach to:
  • Privately review grades
  • Address any missing assignments
  • Review teacher websites and Blackboard
  • Update student calendars and agenda
  • Create a to-do list for that night of both assigned homework as well as needed studying
Once students are checked in, they:

  • Hand over their cell phones and computer so that they can focus on their work (we have WiFi and computers if needed for their assignments)
  • Grab a free snack and drink if they want
  • Choose a space to work
  • Ask any questions they have about their work
  • Stay as long as they like
How do we keep all of this running smoothly? One reason is our wonderful manager Cali Johnson!

"I grew up in a small town just south of Charlotte, N.C. After high school I attended Clemson University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Shortly after graduating from Clemson, I accepted a position managing Morningside Training Farm, a large three-day eventing facility, which brought me to the Northern Virginia area and eventually led me to Linder Educational Coaching.

During my time at Clemson I worked multiple jobs for barns in the area to pay for board, lessons, and competitions within the sport of eventing. Time management and organization became very important to maintain my work schedule, juggle my riding and competitions, and keep up with a demanding school schedule.

I am excited to be a part of the Linder Educational Coaching team and look forward to working with students at The Hub to develop strong workmanship and organizational skills that they will use both in school and later on in their chosen career paths."

To learn more about Linder and The Hub, visit us online at:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Encouraging All Students to Reach Their Full Potential

Today's article share from NPR focuses on the growing needs of children with learning disabilities to be able to be challenged and pushed academically so they can succeed. Not all IEP goals allow these students to reach their full potential and certainly not a "one way works for all" mentality can succeed. "Students in general education are required to meet well-defined standards written for grade-specific goals. In special education, there are not set academic standards."

At Linder Education we agree that "all kids, despite their differences, are young aspirants and should be encouraged to reach their optimal potential. Creative teaching methods and research-based programs must be coupled with consistent and credible expectations to drive students, no matter what type of learner, to advance academically." (To read the full article link, click here.)  Photo credit: 
Richie Pope for NPR.

That's why we work hard to customize learning plans and appropriate curriculums for each and every one of our students, especially those with ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities. If you are looking for help with your special education child and want them to be appropriately challenged, contact us today!