Monday, June 26, 2017

How Schools Use Brain Science To Help Traumatized Kids Heal and Learn

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Today we are sharing a wonderful and inspiring article from KQED Mindshift, entitled 'How Schools Use Brain Science To Help Traumatized Kids Heal and Learn.' This article talks about how one 2nd grade class at the Fairmont Neighborhood School in the South Bronx is changing their typical lesson plans and focusing on incorporating Neuroscience principles.

"The children here aren’t just learning this word for a little science enrichment. They’re learning it because their school, and the nonprofit Wechsler works with, called Turnaround for Children, are trying to put a wave of science experiments into practice. The big mission: empower children growing up in poverty with the research-based tools to transform their own developing brains. And that means, in part, giving them the understanding that brains can indeed grow, change, and heal."  (To view the full article, click here.) 

We also agree that it is important to help give children the tools they need to empower their own education. Here at Linder Education, we work with each and every child to make sure that they are not only comprehending the material but learning other tools to help with other areas such as executive functioning.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

In Case You Missed It

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We just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support and helping us be able to help your children! We are thrilled to be voted 'Best Tutor' in Northern Virginia. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, take a look here:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Why Your Child's Executive Functioning Skills Aren't Fully Developed Yet

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Have you ever wondered why your adolescent son or daughter seems to make impulsive decisions? Or why the "obvious" choice to you doesn't seem to obvious to them? Research has shown this is because their executive functioning skills haven't fully developed yet. In a recent article shared from KQED news they revealed, "a study of nearly 900 young people ages 8 to 22 found that the ability to control impulses, stay on task and make good decisions increased steadily over that span as the brain remodeled its information pathways to become more efficient."

“A child’s ability to run or to see is very well developed by the time they’re 8,” she says. “However, their ability to inhibit inappropriate responses is not something that’s well developed until well into the 20s.”

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The results also suggest it may be possible to identify adolescents at risk of problems related to poor executive function, says Joshua Gordon, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which helped fund the study. These include “all kinds of disorders such as substance abuse, depression and schizophrenia,” he says.

The study is part of an effort to understand the brain changes underlying the development of executive function. It used a technology called diffusion imaging that reveals the fibers that make up the brain’s information highways." (To read the entire article click here.

At Linder Educational Coaching we understand that your child's executive functioning skills aren't all there yet, which is why we cater to students with ADD, ADHD, other LDs, behavioral issues and problems with executive functioning. If you are looking for help for your child in the Northern Virginia area, contact us today!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Academic Workshops...Limited Space Available!

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By now you probably realize that we can't stress enough how important continuing education over the summer is for your child. Many studies have shown that students who do little to no continuing education or practice, often lose some of what they've learned in the school year leaving them behind other students in the fall.

If you want to help your child this summer and want a professional, warm environment to foster their learning, take a look at our 2017 Summer Academic Workshops listing! You can get all the information you need for each of our summer workshops by visiting the link here:

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