Monday, June 26, 2017

How Schools Use Brain Science To Help Traumatized Kids Heal and Learn

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Today we are sharing a wonderful and inspiring article from KQED Mindshift, entitled 'How Schools Use Brain Science To Help Traumatized Kids Heal and Learn.' This article talks about how one 2nd grade class at the Fairmont Neighborhood School in the South Bronx is changing their typical lesson plans and focusing on incorporating Neuroscience principles.

"The children here aren’t just learning this word for a little science enrichment. They’re learning it because their school, and the nonprofit Wechsler works with, called Turnaround for Children, are trying to put a wave of science experiments into practice. The big mission: empower children growing up in poverty with the research-based tools to transform their own developing brains. And that means, in part, giving them the understanding that brains can indeed grow, change, and heal."  (To view the full article, click here.) 

We also agree that it is important to help give children the tools they need to empower their own education. Here at Linder Education, we work with each and every child to make sure that they are not only comprehending the material but learning other tools to help with other areas such as executive functioning.

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