Monday, July 25, 2016

Studying Smart, Not Hard

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Here at Linder Educational Coaching we work with students of all ages to promote good study behaviors and habits of 'studying smarter, not harder.' This article from sheds some light into the practices of simplification to get the most of study sessions.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is It Time To Ban Computers From Classrooms?

Continuing with a similar theme from last week's blog, today we are again talking about the hotly-debated topic: technology in classrooms. This isn't something that is just happening at select institutions either. Even in our own Arlington, Virginia school district with school-supplied laptops and iPads, people are talking. Having technology in the classrooms can be especially difficult for ADD/ADHD students who struggle in managing the temptations and distractions they come with. We are sharing an article from, entitled ' Is It Time To Ban Computers From Classrooms?'

"Students in either of the conditions that allowed devices performed significantly worse, on average, than their peers in the condition that banned devices. This effect held up even when the researchers controlled for other factors that could potentially affect student performance, such as composite ACT score and baseline GPA. The two conditions that did allow computers — unrestricted or face-up tablet — did not differ from each other."

Take a look for yourself and see if you agree that it's time to ban technology in the classrooms bu visiting

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away!

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With so many of our students preparing for their senior year and some beginning their first semester of college very soon we wanted to share this great article from entitled 'Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away.'  This article sheds light onto the fact that taking notes by hand still has its benefits and can help students remember material better for exams, especially in big lecture halls.

"As laptops become smaller and more ubiquitous, and with the advent of tablets, the idea of taking notes by hand just seems old-fashioned to many students today. Typing your notes is faster — which comes in handy when there's a lot of information to take down. But it turns out there are still advantages to doing things the old-fashioned way.

For one thing, research shows that laptops and tablets have a tendency to be distracting — it's so easy to click over to Facebook in that dull lecture. And a study has shown that the fact that you have to be slower when you take notes by hand is what makes it more useful in the long run.

When people type their notes, they have this tendency to try to take verbatim notes and write down as much of the lecture as they can," Mueller tells NPR's Rachel Martin. "The students who were taking longhand notes in our studies were forced to be more selective — because you can't write as fast as you can type. And that extra processing of the material that they were doing benefited them."

If your student has trouble taking notes or seems to fall short and misjudge key information from class, we can help! Each family calls us for a different reason, and we are very sensitive to the needs of each client. Some families want to make sure their child is prepared for the next grade, others call because their child has become detached from school and is doing poorly in multiple classes.  Good note taking isn't something that comes naturally for all students and we understand that. We can help your child improve their note-taking skills and transfer that information into good study habits.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

19 Years Later: Social Success Just As Important

"Every parent wants to see their kid get good grades in school. But now we know social success is just as important."

Today we are sharing an article from on the findings of a few researchers who studied kindergarteners' behavior and then followed up nineteen years later. "A new study shows that when children learn to interact effectively with their peers and control their emotions, it can have an enormous impact on how their adult lives take shape. And according to the study, kids should be spending more time on these skills in school."

Here at Linder Educational Coaching we work with students not only on an academic level but we also cater to students with ADD, ADHD, other LDs and behavioral issues. Just like this article confirms we know the importance of a well-rounded approach to your child's success in school. We do more than just teach kids information and how to work through assignments. With the help of parents and others we know that investing time into teaching them how to relate to others and how to handle the things they're feeling inside can only help them improve on their overall academic path.

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